SMArt Art Academy – Foundations Course

Master the Basics and Learn How to Apply the Knowledge To Your Art!

Our Foundations Course is designed for self-taught artists, to enhance your skills, conquer creative blocks and elevate your art!

Are you a self-taught artist struggling to find your own artistic style?

Do you feel like you’re lost in a sea of techniques and tutorials, feeling like you’ve missed something?

Are you on the hamster wheel of creation but feel like you’re simply not moving forward?

I hear you! 

This is why, after taking many courses and studying with several amazing artists, I condensed all the basics into one course.

In this 6 week course you’ll gain a solid foundation in essential art principals and techniques.

Not only will you gain the grounding knowledge that many self taught artists miss but you will learn how it applies to your art, helping you to break free from creative blocks and elevate your art.
Enrolment on the Foundations Course is currently closed.

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What will You Learn?

By taking the SMArt Art Academy Foundations Course, you’ll learn:

  • Art Fundamentals – what is art? Mark making and how to form an art habit.
  • Composition – looking at 8 of the principals of composition and how we can apply them.
  • Understand light and shadow – seeing how shading can transform a shape into a three dimensional form.
  • Perspective and proportion – to create depth in your art.
  • Colour theory – learn how to harmonise and create contrast, without needing to understand the science!
  • How to apply all of the above to your art to help discover your own unique voice!

Ready to elevate your art?

Enrolment on the Foundation Course is currently Closed, join the wait list for a free guide to 3D Drawing!

Your creative journey awaits!

Course Information:

  • Duration: 6 weeks.
  • Format: Online.
  • Recorded Demonstrations – on each weekly subject, Value £420.
  • Weekly Live Demonstrations – recorded so you don’t miss a thing, Value £600.
  • Weekly Tasks – learn how to implement what you’ve learnt in the demonstrations, Value £120.
  • Weekly Live Q&A sessions – where you can ask questions and gain insight into that weeks lessons, recorded so you can be present without taking notes! Value £600.
  • Life Time Access – Because every time you go through it you will take away new insights, Value £1,500 per year.
  • Community – Access to a private group where you can give each other support too, Value £Priceless!

Ready to elevate your art?


Who is this course for? This course is designed for self-taught artists at any skill level who want to solidify their foundational knowledge. It is also great for artists who want to refresh their foundational skills.

Do I need any prior experience? No prior experience is necessary.

What materials do I need? A list of recommended materials will be provided on enrolment. However for the first week a pencil or pen will be fine.

What is the Price of the Course? The Value of the course is over £1,500 – the launch price will be…. £150!!! Yes you heard that right!!! There is a catch, (isn’t there always) only the first 50 will be at that price… after that the price goes up to £250 – which is still pretty darned amazing!!

How will I know when enrolment opens? Enrolment is currently closed. Sign up to the wait list to be the first to know when enrolment opens again and to grab yourself a free guide ‘From Circle to Sphere – Master 3D drawing in 5 simple steps!’.

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